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Barry Hornstein isn't sure what he thought when he walked outside that morning and saw a length of pipe lying in his Laurelhurst driveway.

Time to make that trek across campus and back to your dorm.

Get condoms in bulk and a top-notch education only at Stanford. Not only does Stanford’s Greek life show off some Greek gods and goddesses among men, but dorm parties and tailgates provide prime situations for doing the dirty.

In 2014, conducted a survey that showed 43 percent of females and 48 percent of males believed that the dating culture at Stanford was more focused on hookups than on emotional relationships.

Chunks of pipe landed hundreds of feet away on the Laurelhurst Elementary School lawn.

A piece of flying shrapnel took out a neighbor's window. Through a drugged haze he received the news that Legacy Emanuel surgeons would need to amputate his right leg below the knee.