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Following the footsteps of his father, Hayden Kho, Sr, he earned his degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Santo Tomas.

Aquarius woman dating aquarius woman

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Many an Aquarius woman will settle for dating, long term even, a man she likes but knows she'll never fall in love with.She might do this for a feeling of security, but it's not financial, because even independently wealthy Aquarius women will do this.Aquarius women tend to come across as very self confident and independent in several ways: She's unlikely to be interested in winning approval or compliments, making her often bold, non-conforming, and sometimes shocking.Many Aquarians are amused by narrow minded people, and aren't beyond doing or saying things purely to see the reaction they get.

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An equally curious bent of mind marks the Aquarius woman as well.

Her mind is often set to "Roam," where she comes and goes, bringing back the unexpected.

Aquarius is love is loyal, but reaks away when she feels claustrophobic.

Sit back and have a read and I'll give you the inside scoop on what Aquarius woman does when she's dating a man. The secret to knowing how keen she actually is, is in her eyes.

The Aquarius woman doesn't show much when she's interested in a guy. From my own perspective the Aquarius woman actually looks like she's got zero interest in a man she's interested in, because she doesn't fawn all over him like other woman might. There will be a distinct sparkle -- no, really -- when she's talking about (or to) the man she's falling for.