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It's the first time they're spotted together in public in months.

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All these people self-identify as Hondurans, however.Spanish-speaking people in the center of the country are the most numerous and are culturally dominant.Hondureño catracho (the national nickname; can be amusing, insulting, or friendly, depending on the context.

Much of this has to do with what opportunities are available to them.Like many of us, Ferrera was thrown by the election results.But, TBH, ever since her speech at the DNC, we’ve been hoping that maybe, just maybe, she’ll run in 2020.They do not use a special name to refer to themselves or their region. The nation has an area of 43,266 miles (112,492 square kilometers). The physical environment is tropical, with a long dry season (six months or more) in the south and the interior and a shorter dry season in the north.The center of the country originally was covered with pine and broadleaf forests of oak and other trees, but much of the pine forest has been logged and much of the oak forest has been cut for farming.Egregious abuses, including sexual violence, harassment and forced pregnancy tests, are all too common.