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We want to assume they started dating after Courtney accidentally sent him an e-mail revealing her crush on him that was meant for one of her friends.
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And it wasnt through smoke and mirrors, it was by making a damn good movie. Because as good as Spiderman is, you could never say it is high art, it is American High Art, which is to say that its really well done and has something to say, but says it all in a way that the average joe will not get bored with. And pop-culture movie though it may be, Spiderman is pretty sly, never dumbing down the plots bigger themes too much but never really letting them get in the way of the fun.

Peter was and remains in the film an outcast, an outsider looking in (at one point literally) at the girl he loves and a world he doesnt quite fit into.

Spiderman Ya gotta hand it to Sam Raimi, the guy did the impossible he went from a no-named horror/cult movie director to the big time, directing the biggest movie of 2002.

The fans loved Spiderman, the creators of the comic loved it, the critics loved it, and more than anything else, the studio loved it cause it mad them much, much richer. The guy that gave us Evil Deadhas now joined Hollywoods A-List. Mixing a special effects heavy concept with very good actors and a storyline that is all about responsibility and unrequited love, Raimi found a happy-medium between the effects and the story and gave us what is probably the best comic-book superhero movie made, and he did it with Tobey Maguire!!

Did I tell you my eyes literally fell out of my head. Sure, she didnt see him in the sense that she was always looking beyond him, but I still think its a stretch that if she was such a great gal that shed never have seen our guy Pete.

Eh, maybe its a flaw in the writing, but I have a feeling its just one of those things that was never really tackled in the comics, they are pretty straightforward a lot of times and just dont get too deep into those dark corners which is a shame in this case because it would have been more interesting if Mary Jane had been just a bitch that had to finally be faced with death and all that to finally see this wonderful guy that had always loved her. And yes, the special effects are amazing, and really do just kick your ass if you have a good surround setup, but really, did you expect the special effects to be bad in this?

Weinstein Company/Europa Corp (January 12 2007), Weinstein/Genius Products (May 15 2007), single disc, 94 mins plus supplements, 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1, Rated PG, Retail: .95 Adventurous dreamer Arthur seems to have it all: an idyllic existence in a grand country residence where he lives with his Granny…but not the close love of his parents, who are off in the big city looking for work.

The girls and their headmistress Miss Farnsworth take him inside to care for him, locking him in a room to keep him separated from the girls, but during his stay he manages to charm the likes of teacher Edwina Dabney and one of the elder students, Alicia, not to mention Martha herself.His criminal foil is of course the Goblin, played pretty damn well by Willem Da Foe, who coulda just cashed his check and walked through this one but doesnt and turns in a very effective and layered performance as the Goblin. But it aint easy being the damsel in distress because you dont want to make the character too wishy-washy and make her lose any empathy the audience feels.Not an evil man at heart but an overly ambitious man that becomes evil as a way of maintaining control of the most important thing in his life his company the Goblin is literally Frankenstein melded with his monster, a man that becomes his greatest and most awful invention and becomes a melding of both, an evil thing that hates all that are less than it or wish it ill. And to round out our pseudo-romantic triangle is Kirsten Dunst, who wins for sexiest girl in a movie hands down thanks to Sam Raimi and a scene with a heavy downpour in an alley. And Dunst does a good job, though its hard to believe she never really saw Peter Parker, ever, even though he sounds like he all but stalked her and was living next door to her.Catch up on your Bond films early before Spectre is released later this year. IMDB rating: 8/10Awards and Nominations: BAFTAIt’s one of the original action movies, and still one of the best.Watch a shoeless John Mc Lane (Bruce Willis) try to single-handedly prevent a group of wildly haired European terrorists, lead by Alan Rickman. IMDB rating: 7.1/10Awards and Nominations: MTV Movie, People’s Choice Another blast from the past, this classic Schwarzenegger film sees the big man on the hunt for a terrorist who has kidnapped his wife.The collection of Presto action movies has everything you're looking for, all on tap, ready to watch 24/7. You can get a free trial with each of the streaming internet tv providers below: James Bond was back with a vengeance with this ripping action movie.