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The underlying belief of Stop Violence is that punishment after a crime is not effective crime prevention; a safe and peaceful society requires justice, not overdoses of prison, chain gangs and executions.
Then placing themselves in battle array, and making a great show, they came down the hillside in face of the enemy with much noise and clamour.

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NPR has been using sound to tell the stories of major events in American politics, culture and foreign affairs ever since the debut of its first program, on May 3, 1971.On that day, over 20,000 protesters gathered in Washington, D. NPR reporters used portable analog recorders to capture the voices of protesters and the sound of helicopters, motorcycle engines and police sirens.THE “CRUSHED” STORIES ARE AS FOLLOWS: “Why Do I Stay?” On Rainy’s high school ID card, she has a black eye. At first he was sweet: he didn’t try to kiss her on their first date. Tony became verbally abusive, Rainy stopped going to school, stopped spending time with her friends and her mom.

There are also online dating coaches, like Kimberly Koehler.

(September 17, 2015 — New York, NY) — Glowing prom pictures, silly memes, and flattering selfies fill the social media feeds of most teenagers.

But what these carefully curated social personas belie is that in the real world, young women between the ages of 16-24 are more likely to suffer violence in a relationship than any other demographic in the country.

When her guidance counselor inquired, Rainy told her "it's a long story, you'll get to know me." “Why Do I Stay? By the time Tony became physically abusive, Rainy was isolated from everyone who could have helped her.

Rainy started reporting her story in 2013, when she and Tony had been broken up for 5 months.