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"Forever My Lady" the album, gave birth to many hits with songs like, "Come & Talk To Me," "Stay," and of course "Forever My Lady," while "Diary of a Mad Band" kept consistent with "Cry For You," "Feenin," and "What About Us." Jodeci made an impressionable impact on the R&B world with their unique sound, catchy street gear, and sexy vibe as they adopted both male and female fans alike. Jodeci took a break and K-Ci and Jo-Jo's duet project came out and that went very well and we want to thank everybody for that! Stefanie: I have to admit that "Forever My Lady" and "Diary of a Mad Band" has not left my CD player since I bought them. Stefanie: Now I know that "Forever My Lady" and "Diary of a Mad Band" takes me back to a special time in my life. So it was kind of shocking both ways and I just think that we stayed the course. Dalvin: We didn't fall into eras like New Jack Swing and all the eras that come and go. Stefanie: Right, because I can put that "Forever My Lady" CD on now and it still sounds good in my ride! Stefanie: What do you think of the current state of R&B and Hip Hop? He's a real R&B singer and then I can't wait to hear this new Jodeci album!

I had an opportunity to talk with two members of Jodeci, Dalvin and K-Ci, who talked to me about their newest album, "Back To The Future - The Very Best of Jodeci," as well as their future projects, artists that they are currently listening to, and the memories that they share of recording their first album together. But other than that we've just been in the studio working on Jodeci's music! Let's take our readers back to "Forever My Lady" and reacquaint them with Jodeci. We didn't go out and seek a lot of outside producers or writers or guest appearances, we were just a self-contained group. Dalvin: Well I'm not too happy with music right now.

The house burned down, she got arrested, and later posed on the cover of VIBE dressed in a fireman uniform with TLC.

During an era dominated by New Jack Swing, Jodeci married R&B soul and Hip Hop to create a sound that is timeless even till this day. When we record, we invite our friends and family to the studio and it's like a concert. Stefanie:(laughs) K-Ci & Dalvin: (laughs) Stefanie: You didn't have to put him out there like that! (laughs) Stefanie: You were one of the premiere soul groups of the 90's what do you think set you apart and accounted for your popularity?

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(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Jodeci"Sometimes it's just the wrong timing," Jodeci member Davlin "Mr.A young Sean “Diddy” Combs assisted in crafting the ensemble’s image while Andre Harrell, Dwight “Heavy D” Myers and Al B. provided musical guidance for this particular album; which was recorded in the Hit Factory Studios in Manhattan, New York between the years of 1990-1991 De Grate tells the story of how the group was formed.“We’re all from Charlotte, North Carolina and we met there,” says De Grate.Stefanie: So we have K-Ci and Dalvin here, how are you guys doing today? I know that you guys are two sets of brothers, tell me how you met and how you got your deal? I think that really set us apart as a band, not just a group. Stefanie: My son who is eleven, and this is a true story, about two weeks ago came home and said that Jodeci was the best R&B group of all time. has the ability to make an impact on kids who are listening to bands like B5 and Pretty Ricky? Dalvin: Well I think it's like you said, you can put in "Forever My Lady" and it still sounds like it came out last week. It's a lot of things I like, but I just think that it's there. Not disrespecting anybody, but it's just me personally. Stefanie: You're feeling Trapped In The Closet huh? Not only that song but also you got to think about what R. Jodeci is the type of group - if nobody knows Jodeci - we're the type of group that we're not stuck up or nothing like that. During "Diary of a Mad Band," that's when Dalvin lost his virginity. "It's definitely something people are going to listen to because domestic violence should not be tolerated in any situation, not just between men and women, but people in general."Despite recording dozens of songs together over the last 18 years, the group did not feel that they had a cohesive body of work for their fourth studio album.