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So what happens is for every point I make, I donate 0 dollars to the school that Im shooting for that night. And theyre like, No, theyre talking about you and Kobe getting traded for each other. What that means is, if you lose somebody who you really want and you come get me back and I leave too TA-DAH! So take my name out of it because whoever gets me, there aint a guarantee that Im staying. To all of my friends back home who want me to become a Laker: If you have NBA LIVE 08 you can fantasy draft me, because otherwise I dont think thats happening any time soon. I do want to see how Kobe responds to all these trade rumors. Whatever deal has Kobe coming East, just say, No thank you. I mean Im an All-Star starter now, getting voted in by the fans. When I said we were going to beat the Celtics on November 2, was that really a prediction? I know all you Boston fans are going to want to go to see Kevin Garnett, but yall are going to see him 41 games. Western and 12 oclock Eastern, go to youll be able to submit your video just like youre trying out for or any other one of them silly shows. Theyre going to give you lines to read and you should give it all you have because you never know what you have in you. I just want to keep the blood flowing throughout my knee. So I had no clothes, but I had a million pairs of socks.

We had a good turn out and the crowd was hyped, everyone was going crazy and the kids was loving it and I didnt want any of the kids going home sad because their school didnt get picked so I decided for the remainder of the schools that didnt get picked I was going to donate 00 each to their schools. I know athletes donate and have things that they give charity to, but, at the end of the day, its the younger generation that we need to be helping. I want to see if hell go out there and play his game or if hes going to go out there and play the Im getting traded game. from the Eastern Conference and sent him to the West, so now its me and Dwyane Wade at the starting guards. If you look at Kobes votes, he is leading the league in votes. Come on Kobe, I understand you want to come East but go ahead and stay on the West. I dont think I wanted to say, Hey, were going to play Boston and were going to lose! No matter what kind of voice you have, if you think its unique, you know Im a funny guy so you might think your voice is whatever but to me, I might catch something I like from it. So anyway, what happened in Philly was I was starting to get athlete's foot from all the moisture that collected from putting my slippers on around the house as soon as I got out of the shower. I would want to go to San Antonio because they're a championship-caliber team -- same thing with Dallas. It wasn't like I said I want to play for the Hawks.

I took 12 back because of a glitch in scouting when it first came out....

I am new to xbox live and have a gold membership...

This FAQ will be updated regularly up to and through the launch of the service in the Fall of 2002.

But with Kevin Garnett, the way hes playing, youve seen some of the stats. Once you get your knee drained it takes a while for it to effectively heal. Which were comfortable doing, but now its like you dont have a weaker Boston team or a weaker Orlando team or stuff like that. A lot of people compare it to Christmas morning No, its like going back to school. Our Big Three is just trying to get back in sync with each other because we haven't played together since April 2.

2K has the whole 2Kshare available, I am so glad I saw this because I was about to pick this up on Friday but I don't have Gold so I guess I'll get it for PS3 this year.

Boston Celtics: Isaiah Thomas (83), Jonas Jerebko (76), Luigi Datome (67)Brooklyn Nets: Thaddeus Young (75)Denver Nuggets: Victor Claver (67), Will Barton (69)Detroit Pistons: Reggie Jackson (79), Tayshaun Prince (75)Houston Rockets: K. Mc Daniels (73), Pablo Prigioni (72)Miami Heat: Goran Dragic (83), Zoran Dragic (70)Milwaukee Bucks: Michael Carter-Williams (77), Miles Plumlee (74), Tyler Ennis (71)Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin Garnett (77)New Orleans Pelicans: Norris Cole (74), Justin Hamilton (69)New York Knicks: Alexey Shved (71)Oklahoma City Thunder: Enes Kanter (78), D. Augustin (77), Kyle Singler (75), Steve Novak (73)Philadelphia 76ers: Ja Vale Mc Gee (75), Isaiah Canaan (73)Phoenix Suns: Brandon Knight (84), Marcus Thornton (76), Danny Granger (73)Portland Trail Blazers: Arron Afflalo (78), Alonzo Gee (70)Sacramento Kings: Andre Miller (76)Utah Jazz: Kendrick Perkins (74), Grant Jerrett (67)Washington Wizards: Ramon Sessions (73)Free Agents: Shawne Williams (74), John Salmons (73), Thomas Robinson (72)Note: Steve Blake has changed his jersey number to 5 in order to honor the late Jerome Kersey.

Is there any way to update the roster on Madden 2011 to current rosters??? Just ask Solucija about an issue you face and immediately get a list of ready solutions, answers and tips from other Internet users.

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